Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Advent Adventure

A few of you agreed with my last blog that Advent is worth the wait primarily because it's penitent, patient invitation is a welcome correction to this hectic, crazy season. My own monastic tendencies do find comfort in the contemplative waiting Advent encourages, but that needs to be balanced with what we are waiting for. Advent means "arrival," and the Biblical expectation of the Messiah, from Isaiah, to the Magnificat, to John the Baptist, to Jesus' intention to return at the end of the age, promises to shake things up. Hills become valleys, lions lie down with lambs, the poor are fed while the rich are sent away empty. Are we really ready for that?

In that sense Advent reminds me of an astronaut waiting in the ready room for take off. It can be a long time in that ready room as the rockets are checked and double checked, but when it is ready to blast off, hold on to your space helmet! We are waiting patiently, reverently, in Advent for God's new, prophesied order to finally come in true peace and joy. So far it's been a long wait and since no one knows the day or the hour who can say how much longer? When it comes however, it will be a blast!